A Green New Deal Create-a-thon of Art

The first-ever Green New Deal Create-a-thon took place on March 15-17 in downtown Oakland. Artists, writers, technologists, organizers, and other creatives came together to launch new projects with a cultural focus, exploring creative and outside-the-box ways to get folks talking, thinking, and dreaming about how a Green New Deal could transition our nation into a society where everyone can thrive.

The Art team ended up focusing on art/messaging for kids/babies, specifically some baby onesies. It helped that they were aided by an infant and some incredibly talented kids!

They came up with a lot of great ideas and messages:

And some awesome designs:

Onesie by Michelle Amor Lundqvist
Onesie design by Erica & Magdalena
 Aaron Perry-Zucker

The plan now is to launch a line of Enviro onesies/kids tees on Creative Action Network. They’ll be live (soon) and part of the Creative Action Network GND Project that can be found here.