LIFE ReImagined: A Quest
(Created by Lisa Zimmer-Chu / Assemblage, recycled/repurposed found objects, 2020)

In our colonized, exploitative, capitalist society, the ‘object’ of the metaphorical game of life is to accumulate the most wealth to win. Indeed, as life imitates art and leisure, Milton Bradley trademarked its “Game of LIFE” in 1960, paralleling the era of planned obsolescence and perpetual growth.

It’s past time to re-imagine the object of the game! We must change the goal if we are ever to achieve a different outcome.

The major issues of our time — coronavirus, racial injustice, the climate emergency, and economic inequality — are inextricably interconnected. That’s what the Green New Deal is about, the truth that systemic problems cannot be resolved in silos. Yet it can be hard to see it all at once, to fit the pieces together into the giant mosaic that it is.

Assembled by Bay Area artist Lisa Zimmer-Chu with recycled/repurposed materials and found objects, the following game board serves as a model to collectively envision what our daily actions might be with a newly agreed upon goal: The moves on the game board if you will. It is a work in progress, an interactive opportunity to express yourself about what we can do as individuals and in community to achieve our shared, balanced vision. As you travel along the path, please click on each image to add your ideas (i.e. ‘You’re sick, stay home from work and keep your job,’ or ‘Plant healing herbs.’) If you don’t see yourself reflected in “LIFE ReImagined”, please alert us to make sure that you, too, are part of it. Let’s ReImagine LIFE and the world we must hurry toward together. You must play to win!