A Virtual Performance with the Sea

This Saturday, September 5, was meant to be the final performance of 36.5 – A Durational Performance with the Sea in New York City. Due to COVID, the actual performance has been postponed until next year, but instead, Sarah Cameron Sunde, whose amazing work we recently featured, will be at the edge of the water at Hallet’s Cove, along with her many amazing partners, for the full tidal cycle (6:43am-7:09pm).

While Sarah won’t be standing in the water, the event will be live-streamed the whole time to to kick off the research and process of making a site specific work in NYC.

36.5 collaborators will be tuning in to mark the passing of the hours, to connect across the seas, and to be in conversation with each other for the first time! An academic panel and other serendipitous conversations with amazing NYC collaborators will be happening too.

This is all an experiment and you are invited!

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