Moving Forward Together, by Sayada Ramdial

Who We Are

Sven Eberlein – Editor-in-Chief

A German native living in San Francisco, Sven is a creative muse with a practical streak, intrigued by the endless hues that make up the stories of our human existence. Steeped in whole systems literacy through his experience as a writer, blogger, urbanist, musician, and activist, the common thread throughout his work is to elevate people and endeavors that make the world more equitable and livable for all its inhabitants. Whether it’s a feature article about the moral imperative of solar power or a  video series on urban metabolism, much of Sven’s work has described the physical and cultural transitions outlined in the Green New Deal resolution.

John White – Executive Editor

A teacher, musician, activist, permaculturalist, husband and father, John has been dedicating every step of his life to a better future ever since childhood summers backpacking and a stint in the Peace Corps in Zaire led him to understand that growth is no longer a sign of progress. For the past 25 years he has been teaching middle school history, applied sustainability, film, and other arts, as well as writing and performing original music with Chemystry Set and Beet The System alongside his partner-in-song, Sven Eberlein. This longtime creative partnership has been a key ingredient in the birthing and midwifery of The Art of the Green New Deal.

Debra Baida – Core Advisor

A photographer, life organizer, and sustainable living advocate, Deb combines her deep visual sensibilities and knack for editorial clarity to inspire lighter footprints of all kinds. After her photographic coverage of social change at the Rutgers University divestment rallies in 1985, she went on to become a seasoned picture editor in the documentary, editorial, and museum realms. As a Certified Green Innovator of the California Green Business Network, Deb is currently helping people to edit the physical and psychic aspects of their lives in order to make room for what matters most, an art form particularly well suited for life in the Green New Deal era.

Anne Hamersky – Artistic Advisor

Anne is an award-winning photographer whose work has appeared in a wide range of publications including Time, LIFE, Los Angeles Times, Saveur, and National Geographic Traveler. Her latest public art project, The Food Change champions everyday people making positive change in our food system. Born and raised in Nebraska, she is hopeful about the role perennial prairie grasses play in carbon sequestration. Her commitment to creating visual unity that takes audiences to a more informed, compassionate, and activated place has skillfully guided the editorial process on these pages.

Gary Barker – Design Advisor

A sustainable industrial designer and eco-warrior, Gary has been guiding major companies to engage in deep dives to make their products, packaging and operational systems more sustainable, efficient and intelligent through the help of his company, Ditto Sustainable Brands Solutions. Whether at community educational events or in front of textile industry executives, Gary’s knowledge of and advocacy for zero waste and circular economy practices and his keen eye for visual impact are the perfect combination for chaperoning the journal’s graphic development.